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 at our Digital Academy


The Digital Academy works across your organization to make individuals, teams, and companies grow their knowledge base, and fortify their talent to take on new digital opportunities.

It takes time to build momentum to achieve organizational change, that’s why we offer a variety of executive and non-executive training programs through our Digital Academy.

The Digital Academy delivers modular trainings and combines them into a stackable curriculum. This allows to always focus on what is the most relevant to you and your team. It also allows you grow at your own pace and find your own rhythm.

We believe that innovators need to base their work on real-life challenges, that’s why we focus on real life challenges, and work with mentors who have practical experience.

Digital transformation can take time, and teams need to achieve a sense of pride and confidence early on. That’s why the Digital Academy offers formal certifications to give confidence and boost commitment.

Create the right environment for digital culture to thrive

We only give the right trainings to the right people. That’s why we make executive and nonexecutive programs available; we recognize people across your organization have different needs and different constraints.

The Digital Academy programs focus on building 3 essential pillars for digital culture to flourish: enabling growth-driven innovation, creating effective technology deployment capability, and building high-performing digital teams.

Growth-driven innovation

Innovation for innovation’s sake is a waste of resource, especially for large companies. The starting point for growth-driven innovation is to look for opportunities and grow innovative solutions around them, rather than innovate without an opportunity in mind.

Effective technology deployment

Innovating using past technologies doesn’t create competitive opportunities for companies. Our programs make sure that you’re able to deploy the most useful technologies to build solutions that are competitive.

High-performing digital teams

Do you know what kind of people need to be on your team? Find out here. Use the best in class methods to keep your team at peak performance. Without a great team, it’s going to be hard to build great solutions.

How our courses are different

Modular courses

Being outcome focused is our top priority. That’s why our trainings are modular, so you know what you’re getting.

Learn at your own pace

Courses last between 0.5 to 5 days, depending on your needs. Combine multiple courses, dive deeper, and find your ideal learning speed.

A stackable curriculum

Skills take time to learn and practice. We offer you a way to jump back into learning, and building on previous trainings, no matter how long it’s been.

Real-life challenges

The world changes all the time. We only focus on making sure you’re getting the latest practical experience, by only studying real-life cases.

Real experts

It’s hard to find people who have practical experience in new tools and new fields. That’s why we only work with mentors who have been there and done it.

Formal certification

Keep your staff motivated across large organizational transformation by making them feel like they earned their skills. Formal certification allows the team to feel empowered to take on the daily heavy lifting.


Transforming organizations is sometimes hard, so we make sure that at least you’re having fun along the way. That’s why our Masterclasses and Workshops are fully immersive, practical and fun!

Who are the programs for

Executive Programs

Are you a busy executive? Executives don’t have the time to leave their organization for too long. Our programs are built to be modular and stackable so that executives can learn while being mindful of their business. Explore more of our offerings including trainings exclusively tailored to executives: (1) Leadership development, (2) Digital strategy compass

Team and Organization wide programs

Are you in charge of a team? Are you interested in deploying larger programs for your team or throughout your organization?

Intrapreneurship programs empower staff from across the organization to build innovative solutions and break through the slow pace of organizations

Custom solutions

Large companies sometimes have non obvious needs. We work with organizations to build programs that make sense to their needs

Full Digital Academy Catalogue

Growth-driven Innovation

Pragmatic Innovator's playbook

Integrate Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean into a disciplined innovation process

Digital strategy compass

Formalise what you expect from becoming more digital, where you want to play, and how you’re going to win

Design Thinking 101

Master the Problem, Customer and Solution discovery processes. Build and validate your Value Proposition

Design sprint

3-5 days to build your customer-validated prototype, the Google Ventures way

Agile 101

Master the fundamentals of scrum to build solutions people want and get ready to be certified

Effective lean experiments

De-risk your business model, validate your product-market fit and scale fast

Growth Marketing

Grow 10X, to turn your MVP into a Minimum Viable Company

AI for Marketing

Learn what AI can do for your marketing function with no coding required

Effective technology deployment

Agile governance

Understand Growth Boards and metered funding, and implement innovation accounting

Effective Fintech collaboration

Know how to build successful proof of concepts with cutting-edge technology from outside your company

Blockchain 101

Understand what BlockChain can do for your business, and design your first smart contract

AI for business

Understand what AI can do for your business and how to deliver measurable impact

High-Performing Teams

Hackers, Hipsters and Hustlers

Understand the key ingredients of today’s high performing innovation teams

Productivity Boost simulation

Understand how to boost your team’s morale and productivity, and your client experience with Lean

Agile+DevOps simulation

Truly experience the business value of DevOps, while building team unity and having fun!

Intrapreneurship program

Feed your innovation funnel, grow your digital capability and give your team confidence

Coding college

Python Bootcamp

Understand how Python works and build your first apps.

JavaScript Bootcamp

Get going with web development with this JavaScript Bootcamp

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