Financial Services innovation that delivers scalable results

A crisp, pragmatic business novel for Executives and emerging Leaders who want to

  • Foster innovation in highly regulated industries.
  • Make talent development the core of their digital innovation strategy
  • Figure out how to effectively integrate Design Thinking, Agile and Lean
  • Design, build and scale impactful digital experiences, products and ventures.
Download Chapter 1

Download Chapter 1

Book LP LaurentBook LP Laurent

Laurent Simon

Entrepreneur, former Banker and Digital Transformation Advisor. Laurent specialises in building Beta Digital Business, through rigorous Intrapreneurship program and effective Fintech collaboration.

Book LP PascalBook LP Pascal

Pascal Denis

Entrepreneur, award-winning Author and Transformation Leader. Pascal specialises in Leadership development and Strategy Execution to ensure Lean-Digital Transformations deliver expected value.

What people are saying



Chief Data and Transformation Officer @ DBS Bank

Taming Digital Disruption brings to life the principles, methods and tools that enable traditional companies reboot themselves. This book is the story of a complicated, yet successful, Digital Transformation journey. It is about investing in people to develop the right mindset and skills required. It is about making the leap from leading innovation projects to leading balanced innovation portfolios.


Michelle Van Staden

Agile Transformation Leader @ Nedbank

A page turner from the first chapter as I found myself identifying with the characters on a deeply personal level. I found myself frequently thinking: that’s exactly what I’m going through! This book should be compulsory reading for board members, executives and digital transformation teams who wish to ensure that their organizations stay competitive and relevant.


Victoria Thompson

Head of Innovation Legal @ Barclays. Founding member of the London Blockchain Foundation

A must read for Financial Services Executives, Intrapreneurs or Fintech founders who want to design, build and scale impactful new digital product and business ideas. Based on lessons learned from the trenches, Taming Digital Disruption is full of actionable insights! Would you like to know what a practical and scalable approach to innovation look like? Just read this book


Reuben Athaide

Head DevOps and Cloud Transformation @ Standard Chartered Bank

Taming Digital Disruption perfectly fills the gap for a practical, step-by-step guide to foster innovation in highly regulated industries. Pascal and Laurent are bridging worlds that are frequently regarded as opposite: (1) Developers, Designers and Business, (2) Technology and Operations, and (3) Clients and Bankers.

What’s in the book?


A business novel? Taming Digital Disruption is a business novel set in Singapore and the fast-paced world of international banking. Martin Picard, newly-appointed CEO of Asia-Pacific Bank has much bigger problems than he imagined. He pulls in Yumi Saito, a digital innovation ace, to help him transform his business – before it’s too late. As Yumi and Martin progress through their transformation journey, they come to understand and learn to overcome the daunting challenges of digital innovation.

How to use the book

Taming Digital disruption is based on Pascal and Laurent’s extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Leadership coaching and Strategy deployment. It provides you with real-life case studies and practical recommendations to reboot your core businesses , while growing into adjacent markets and developing new digital businesses.

What specific topics do we cover?
How to…

  • Put clients and employees at everything we do.
  • Harness the power of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps & Cloud, BlockChain.
  • Prioritize your investments to rebuild competitive edge, balancing sustaining innovation to protect core business and disruptive innovation to ignite new growth engine.
  • Combine Design Thinking, Agile and Lean into a Pragmatic Innovation process that delivers breakthrough performance.
  • Identify and grow the people that can deliver business impact through intrapreneurship and effective Fintech collaboration.
  • Engage Business, Technology, Operations and clients, in order to build new Revenue streams, just not new Technology products.
  • Setup and energize your Central Innovation Group for quicker business impact
  • Overcome the issues associated with your legacy IT systems, policies and business in order to scale fast.
  • Measure innovation progress and results, when traditional metrics are irrelevant.
  • Monetize your innovations and them into viable Business Ventures quicker