Launch your next Beta Product and Venture

with a battle-tested intrapreneuship program

We work with you as partners, every stage of the innovation journey
We work to create teams that build and scale innovative and growing new businesses from scratch. We do that with intrapreneurship programs.

Set your target

What does a successful intrapreneurship program look like?

Empowered employees might be willing to be innovative, but launching a successful product or ventures takes a whole new set of skills. Entrepreneurs need to be able to tackle an enormous amount of issues at the same time and have a different environment than an employee. How can you create the right environment for employees to successfully launch innovative solutions?

This is where intrapreneurship programs come in to combine the speed and delivery of an entrepreneurial setting and a supportive corporate environment. The intrapreneurs go through many phases: (1) exploring and ideating, (2) designing and validating, (3) building and validating, (4) launching, (5) and scaling.

Our programs end at one of two crucial milestones: the launch of a solution, or the scaling of a solution. What we call Beta Product and Services, or Beta Ventures. Both offer exciting and rewarding outcomes for intrapreneurship programs in their own ways.

Explore and ideate (2 days)

Milestone: select your best ideas
Map out your landscape to find Value Spaces. Identify Problems Worth Solving For. Formalize your challenge. Scout and select the right Tech.

Design and validate (10-12 weeks)

Milestone: pitch to senior leaders & selection day
Empathize. Create an inspiring, tangible representation of your offering. Get feedback from your target audience often. Iterate fast.

Build and validate (10-12 weeks)

Milestone: Demo to Senior Leaders & selection day
Assemble your balanced X-team. Build small product increments, fast & iteratively. Continuously validate features with users or customers.

Launch Beta Products and Services

Milestone: Market traction with first significant sales
Go live as soon as possible. Pilot your solution and test your beachhead market. Check your pirate metrics. Continue to evolve both your product and your business model.

Scale Beta Ventures

Milestone: Market expansion [10x growth]
Go bigger. Focus on growth marketing [stronger pirate metrics]. Gather more customers and achieve stronger commercial success. Celebrate!

What should you expect

Benefits for your organization

  • Increased success rate of innovation projects
  • Reduced time to market for new offerings and/or Beta businesses
  • Enhanced service delivery and reduced transaction costs for core business
  • Energised organisation

Benefits for your clients

  • Better experience: more convenient, transparent, faster journeys
  • Digital, personalised products / services available whenever and wherever needed
  • Increased engagement and co-design opportunities
  • Improved perception of value and overall satisfaction

Benefits for your employees

  • Lean-Digital mindset and skillset
  • More conducive work environment
  • Higher productivity achieved with less stress, friction
  • More time spent on Value-add tasks, e.g. servicing clients and applied training
  • Increased engagement, pride in work quality and sense of purpose

How do we help you get there?

Focused action including co-creation with strategic clients, suppliers

Our business-building methodology brings together the flexibility of a start-up with the resources and experience of a corporation. We combine the left and right sides of the brain — experimenting, testing and learning, and thinking creatively to build innovative solutions in a rigorous and focused way.

Leap teams feature a mix of business-building experts, including specialists in analytics, design, and tech. Most of these colleagues have launched their own successful businesses before joining our firm and understand the capabilities a business needs to survive and thrive.

In short, we work alongside your teams to design, build, launch and grow

  • better processes / experiences, e.g. client onboarding, account opening…
  • new products / services, e.g. digital SME lending, Blockchain-based Trade Finance, cross-border payment…
  • new businesses / ventures, e.g. Challenger Bank, RoboAdvisory-based Wealth management platform…

Find your innovation groove

Your clients, staff and Fintech partners find you ‘easy to innovate with’.

Deploy resources at the right time

Deploy resources only when you have evidence that proposed innovations ‘wow’ our customers / employees (make their lives better).

Internal network

Grow the network of people with the right mindset, skills and experience: (1) Intrapreneurs, (2) Innovation managers, (3) Mentors (train the trainers), (4) Sponsors

Support system

Develop Leaders who know how empower intrapreneurs move quickly: removing impediments, supporting them (people, budget, time) and giving them authority to make decisions.

De-risked projects

Harness the power of Balanced X-teams, who can self-organize, continuously validate proposed innovations with target audience (clients, users) and gradually de-risk your digital innovation portfolio.

Data driven decisions

Key decisions are based on data generated by your Lean Experiments, not so much on Highest Paid Person’s Opinion

Stop bad projects early

Know how to terminate non-viable projects quickly, without demotivating people involved (ever heard of champagne-based celebration of failure?

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