Digital Strategy Blog

Leaders’ guide to successful Digital Strategy execution

We empower our clients to achieve two strategic objectives:

We created this guide to help Senior Leaders navigate safely the wave of Digital Transformation, focusing on strategy execution and building digital literacy.

  1. Protect core-business: reinvent end-to-end journeys, through Lean process and Smart Automation.
  2. Ignite new sources of growth: design, build and scale innovative Digital offerings and Ventures.

Digital Strategy Compass

Understand your Digital vulnerabilities. Define and deploy your Digital aspiration, winning logic and innovation portfolio.

Transformation Lighthouse

Surface quicker in your Digital Transformation journey. See, learn and act together. Dissolve silos, adjust quickly.
  • How Do We Execute Our Digital Strategy Effectively?
  • What is a Transformation Lighthouse & Why Do We Need One? (3 walls)
  • What is Visual Management and How Does It Help Us?
  • What is a Tiered Management System & Why Do We Need One?
  • What Does Operating Rhythm (core routines) Mean & Why Does it Matter?
  • Catchball process (V – 2/2) – Enable senior leaders to simply confront reflection (plan) and experience (Reality)
  • How Do We Manage Our Strategy Execution and Adjust Quickly?
  • Building Reflection Into Strategic Management
  • What Are the Digital Strategy Blockers* and How Do We Overcome Them?
  • Making the Transformation Chessboard Visible – Understand key drivers (value drivers, cost drivers, change catalysts…), so we can make better moves

Digital Executive Forum

Understand what Technology can do for your business. Internalize real life use cases and leading practices.
  • How Do We Develop Our Digital Literacy? (GANDALF)
  • What Is It Important to ‘Fail Fast, Fail Often’?
  • What is an Ambidextrous Organization? Why Does It Matter? How Do We Build One?
  • Did you know that your Digital Aspiration boils to addressing 2 strategic objectives?
  • Objective #1: What Does ‘Protect Your Core Business’ Entail?
  • → Real Life Examples @ H1 efficiency, process innovation
  • Objective #2: What Does ‘Ignite New Growth’ Entail?
  • → Real Life Examples @ H2 sustaining, products innovation
  • → Real Life Examples @ H3 disruptive, business models innovation
  • How do you measure value: ROI vs validated learnings (hypothesis testing / YODA)?
  • Traditional financial metrics: What is it relevant & when?
  • Innovation Accounting metrics: What is it & Why Do We Need it? → the value of validated learnings (assumption Darth Vader → confirmed stats YODA)