Digital Strategy Compass

Develop your innovation compass

This masterclass is fully immersive. We use real-life case studies to enable participants to focus on what really matters: experience the principles, tools, and practices that define the Digital Compass framework.

Why should you attend?

Learn to lead in transformative times

Understand today's transformative technologies and grasp new strategic choices and reframe your thinking.

Learn by Doing - compelling case studies

Experience compelling interactive case studies, team-based learning, engaging visual tools and methods.

Learn in a fun and open environment

Learn whilst having fun through shared stories and experiences, along with engaging visual tools and methods.

What will you learn?


Introduction: What is Strategy? — 1.5h

Innovation Compass — 1.5h

Develop Your Digital Innovation Compass — 2.5h

Debriefing - Post-Case Study — 1h

Conclusion — 1h

What do previous attendees say?

  • Michelle Van Staden

    Michelle Van Staden

    Agile Transformation Leader

    A page-turner - I found myself connecting with the characters on a deeply personal level. I found myself thinking, that’s exactly what I’m going through. Harnessing Digital Disruption brings to life the tools and techniques that enable traditional companies to reinvent themselves, in order to stay competitive and relevant.

  • Paul Cobban

    Paul Cobban

    Chief Data and Transformation Officer

    Harnessing Digital Disruption captures the essence of a successful Digital transformation. This book is the story of a complicated, yet successful, Digital Transformation journey. It is about investing in people to develop the right mindset and skills required. It is about making the leap from leading innovation projects to leading balanced innovation portfolios.

Meet our subject matter experts

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis

Partner, Singapore

Pascal has been an Entrepreneur, award-winning Author and Strategy Execution Leader for 20+ years. He coaches Leaders and teams to ensure Digital Transformations deliver expected results.

Laurent Simon

Laurent Simon

Partner, Singapore

Laurent has been an Entrepreneur, Banker, and Business Advisor for 15+ years. He works with large companies and startups to design, build, and scale impactful digital businesses.

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