Implementation Leadership: Growth Organisations and Teams

Find out what are the proven right business structure, policy and practice for sustainable growth. Discover what makes a high performing growth team; and how to recruit, develop and keep them. Learn how to define and transition the business culture from stagnation to sustainable and measurable growth you need and want.

Why should you attend?

Learn how to accelerated business growth by attracting the best talent and keeping them

People talent are critical to your growth success, but in a market where top talent are hard to find, groom and keep, find out how to leapfrog your competitors with tools and strategies.

Find out what Makes a high performing team

Learn from proven research, the key elements to nurture and embed high performance for growth.

How to create the best organisational structure for a growth culture

This is the foundation you need to also get right so the whole ecosystem operates within a growth environment.

What will you learn?


Best organisational structure for growth — 2 hours

Roles within a growth team — 2 hours

Growth talent recruitment and development — 2 hours

Business practice and processes to support growth — 2 hours