Performance Leadership: Growth Mindset and Leadership

Understand what individual characteristics make someone great at growth. How to create the cultural environment for optimal performance.

Why should you attend?

Learn what a growth mindset is all about

Individual growth mindset versus organisational growth mindset: do you know the difference? Are you afraid of failing? We teach you how failure is a source of growth

The psychology of a growth organisation

Growth and psychological safety are intertwined: do you know why? We will teach you the psychological research behind the root causes of growth and how you can implement it in your company

How to change for growth

Changing yourself and your company culture for growth can be terribly hard if you do not know what to change and how to make change happen effectively. We will teach you the psychology of change.

What will you learn?


Growth Mindset — 2 hours

Creating New Leadership Habits — 2 hours

The Psychology of Change — 2 hours

Leading Self to Lead Others — 2 hours