Design Sprint

Turn your promising ideas into a customer-validated proposition / offering

Invented at Google by Jake Knapp, perfected with more than 150 startups at Google Ventures, the design sprint helps to innovate better and faster.

Solve big problems and test ideas with your team in four days

What is a design sprint?

Design sprints, used by the most innovative companies in the world, help develop better products faster. The focus is on visualizing ideas and testing hypotheses instead of long discussions. Chances of success can be explored early and risks identified.

Who is the sprint for?

The format of the design sprint is praised by managing directors, innovation managers, business development, management and marketing teams for its efficiency and valuable results. A design sprint is therefore suitable for all teams who want to face the challenges of digital transformation.

Convincing result

The sprint is fresh, pragmatic, efficient and revolutionizes the way teams work together. The profit is obvious, a design sprint summarizes months of work in just a few days. The result will convince your stakeholders, sponsors or investors.

We now run the design sprint in 4 days


Define the challenge

  • Expert interviews – How Might We problem statement
  • User journey mapping
  • Long term goal + sprint questions

Participants: your Team + Digital Pathways



  • Curate and vote on the best solution
  • Define the prototype with a storyboard

Participants: your Team + Digital Pathways



  • Design, build & finalize the prototype
  • Setup the user tests for the next day

Participants: your Team



  • Test the prototype with 5 target users
  • Use feedback from testing to inform way forward

Participants: your Team + Digital Pathways

Our sprints take place in person or remotely


  • An important and well-defined sprint challenge
  • A team of 5-7 people
  • A decision-maker, the sponsor of the project
  • Immersive & productive experience, with 2 options:
    1. In person
    2. Virtual: remote participants need a rapid computer & Wifi connection, a good headset & microphone.

Typical agenda

  • Monday, Tuesday, (busy parents friendly)
    9 AM – 11:30 AM
    break 1:30 PM – 3 PM
    break 3:30 PM – 5 PM
  • Wednesday: Designers only
  • Thursday (watch tests):
    3:30 PM – 6 PM


  • On day 3, we will have created a high-fidelity prototype allowing us to test in an efficient way the concepts imagined during the previous days.
  • On day 4, we will present this prototype to future users or potential customers. Interviews are filmed and lessons are captured using a scorecard.


  • Aligning the team with the strategy
  • Maximize alignment and focused effort
  • Testing and measuring the potential of a concept
  • Limiting the risk of building the wrong ‘IT’
  • De-risked ROI
  • Building your team’s capability: user experience (UX/UI) design, customer validation, design thinking, Agile ways of working

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What do previous attendees say?

  • Harry Zechman

    Harry Zechman

    COO, Stoner Solutions

    Our Digital Strategy Compass, Transformation Lighthouse and management system has helped us survive the pandemic and pivot smartly to e-commerce.

  • Harry Sideris

    Harry Sideris

    President, Duke Distribution

    The Digital Strategy Compass provides us with clear bearings. The Lighthouse helps us avoid reefs: we can now surface & solve problems, share learning and act together, much quicker. Executive coaching helps sustain our improvements.

  • Naresh Bangia

    Naresh Bangia

    CEO, AJB Software Design

    Strategy deployment and executive coaching provide a stable foundation and fertile environment for innovation. Our Lean Digital transformation resulted in breakthrough results. Within two years, our growth rate doubled and employee Job satisfaction increased by 20%. Strengthening our Payment gateway and switching solutions have enabled us to secure a successful acquisition by Verifone holdings.

  • Brad Parsons

    Brad Parsons

    CEO, Baptist Memphis Hospital

    Our Strategy Lighthouse and management system are our company’s nervous system. Executive coaching helps sustain our improvements.

  • Yvon Charest

    Yvon Charest

    CEO, IA Financial Group

    Strategy deployment and executive coaching provide a stable foundation and fertile environment for innovation.

Meet our subject matter experts

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis

Co-founder, North America

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

Laurent Simon

Laurent Simon

Co-founder, Asia-Pacific

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

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