APAC Initiative Forum

“Yokohama Asia Initiative” – Articulating Asian Ideas

As the world goes through the process of “Asianisation”, we are deeply interested in exploring new Asian ideas to be shared with the world. The future is Asian, and Asia Pacific Initiative Forum (APIF) is the platform for formulating and expressing those Asian ideas to the world.

APIF was founded on the strong belief that, to promote a prosperous Asia-Pacific that is sustainable and inclusive, we need to build stronger ties within the Asian business community. In this age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Asia’s rising economic significance, it is high time for Asian businesses, and particularly younger, emerging business leaders, to come together to build a better Asia.

We put these beliefs into action by projecting leadership from Yokohama, the location where the first inaugural APIF was held last year and was dubbed the “Yokohama Asia Initiative”.

Although our event primarily targets business leaders in Japan, Southeast Asia and India, we are an open forum. As part of our non-exclusivity, we wish to invite business, political and thought leaders from places such as the United States, China, Korea and elsewhere.

Since we held our first inaugural APIF last December, the world has been turned on its head by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has posed a fundamental challenge to existing economic and social structures. In conjunction with this development, innovation in many fields are accelerating. The timing could not be more critical for Asia to present ideas and lessons learnt to the world.

This year’s APIF will focus on issues that can inspire action – because what we do now will shape the long-term future of Asia and the world.

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