Payments Innovation Deep Dive

Join us as we deep dive further into the future of FinTech with a focus on ‘Payments Innovation’.

After presentations on Digital Payments: Current Landscape/ Background and Future Initiatives, speakers will consider the following questions: What pain points are the retailers and consumers experiencing with cash and cheques? What is the MAS doing to address this? What are payments providers doing to address this?

Panelists include:

  • Bernard WEE: Monetary Authority of Singapore. Executive Director, Financial Markets Development and Payments & Technology Solutions. P&TS aims to foster a sound and innovative payments and technology ecosystem through partnership and a progressive, risk-based regulatory framework.
  • Michael MOON: SWIFT – Head of Payments Markets, Asia Pacific. Michael partners with the payments and banking industry to deliver payment and settlement solutions in the high value and retail payments sectors, as well as global transaction banking and cash management.
  • Ravi PATEL, YoloPay. Co-Founder of YoloPay in Singapore, a mobile-only payment service designed to give control back to families. YoloPay’s product, YoloLite, leverages the customer’s contextual data to provide various ‘smart’ solutions including insights and offers.

Our Fintech Moderators:

  • Laurent SIMON: Director of Digital and Lean Operations at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Arvin SINGH: Director of New Channels at Visa
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