How to measure and achieve Product Market Fit (PMF)

Our next Zoom-based online ‘Pragmatic Innovators’ masterclass on Focused learning experience and proven system to validate PMF

About this event

Join this exhilarating 120 minutes hands-on workshop by Growth Hacking expert Yara Paoli, Growth OS co-founder and former VP of Growth at Skyscanner.

  • Get a good understanding of why Product Market Fit is critical to your success
  • Learn which methods and metrics you can use to keep track of progress – you will not find this easily online
  • Experiment a proven system to ensure ‘your next product or service launch drives growth’
  • Walk away with your own Growth Hacking starter kit

Why should you attend?

Did you know that people working for large companies or startups share 2 common problems?

  • ‘How to make sure your next product or service launch drives growth?’
  • ‘How to decide to further invest or not?’

Scaling prematurely is the #1 reason why most innovations fail. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to validate Product Market Fit (PMF). Yet, despite Marc Andreessen’s definition, how to measure PMF validation is often not properly understood by Business Leaders .


18:00 – Masterclass starts

  • Product Market Fit: what it is exactly, how it works in practice and why it is critical to your success
  • Growth metrics and PMF: concrete examples and overview of effective PMF measurement tools
  • 10 minutes – Break
  • Real-life case studies: why PMF is NOT only for startups
  • Beyond PMF: other components of a growth-oriented organization

19:40 – 20.00: Q&A

  • Q&A on audience challenges with PMF + participants survey (2 mins)

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  • S$ 10 – Alumni members of the INSEAD Alumni Association (check your member mailer for promocode)
  • S$ 40 – Alumni non-members of the INSEAD Alumni Association – Join us now


This workshop is capped at a maximum of 150 (first come, first served basis). We focus on deep content sharing for a pragmatic approach, rather than broad coverage in a massive group size.

Questions will be collated through zoom Q&A functionality and answered during the webinar

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