Implement AI with measurable before/after impact

Learn from real world case studies about how companies implement AI and win. Walk away with your very own AI starter kit.

About this event

After attending this event you’ll know:

  • what framework to use to implement AI in your business, with a measurable impact
  • what are Key Factors essential to success
  • what you need in your own AI Starter Kit

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  • 18.30-19:00 | Registration and networking
  • 19.00-19:10 | Introduction by Laurent Simon
  • 19:10-20:00 | Lessons from the trenches of AI implementation.
  • 20:00-20:30 | Audience Q&A
  • 20:30-21:00 | Networking around nice food and beverages

The event will feature David Bergendalh, the Head of Business Development at ABEJA Singapore, a Japanese AI company backed by Google, NVIDIA and Salesforce.

His presentation will focus on real-life case studies and will cover:

  • What successful companies do to deliver successful AI projects
  • Typical challenges and pitfalls to avoid every step of the journey
  • Examples of Before-After impact, lessons learned and how to apply them

About the series

We specialize in Technology-enabled innovation. We focus on delivering on Actionable Insights and measurable results. We bring together Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Innovators around a series of selective events hosted at Bridge+ and/or INSEAD business school. Our purpose is to enable you to:

  • Discover how your peers and senior decision makers deal with key challenges related to innovation and digital transformation.
  • Share the learnings derived from real-life case studies: best practices, typical benefits and timeframes to expect, predictable pitfalls to avoid
  • Network and generate interesting opportunities for our community
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