Lean Startup Experiments 101

Do you know how to de-risk your new digital business idea?

Lean Startup is about improving your chances of success by failing fast and continually learning. In this course you will learn how to: (1) Articulate your business idea using the ten building blocks of the Business Model Canvas. (2) Translate your resulting business model into a preliminary Cash Flow Forecast, in order to determine initial financial viability, as well as understand key value drivers and risks. (3) Design your Lean Experimentation Plan to test the most important risk assumptions associated with your Business Model.

Why should you attend?

World class instructors

Learn from industry leaders, who are recognized experts in their fields.

Focus on achieving a profitable business model

A continuous feedback loop between Lean Experiments and cash flow projections (via the Kwik Growth Simulator, and Kwik Look Cash Flow Evaluation tool), will ensure a practical focus on achieving a credible and profitable business model.

Access to potential investors

Entrepreneurs with viable business ideas, can opt to join our Startup Database, which is shared with leading investor groups in Asia.

What will you learn?


Business Model Canvas — Day 1 (morning)

Cash Flow Forecast — Day 1 (afternoon)

Lean Experimentation - Plan — Day 2

Lean Experimentation - Execute — 3 Days Coaching Over 6 Weeks

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have researched detailed numbers prior to my first cash flow evaluation?

What do previous attendees say?

  • Tara McTeigue

    Tara McTeigue

    I had the opportunity to use Yvette’s Kwik Look tool and as a pre-start up I found it incredibly useful and beneficial to map out our first few years and identify potential area of risk so we can put mitigation strategies in place. Yvette is highly knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with - Tara McTeigue, Founder & CEO of Mumaco

  • Richard Mayne

    Richard Mayne

    Awesome tool for anyone thinking about taking the leap from passion to profession - Richard Mayne, Singapore Country Manager at Spotlight

  • Pei Kang Ng

    Pei Kang Ng

    Had the pleasure to be advised by Yvette. She decluttered our numbers and pointed us to the levers that matter. Sharp, great intuition :) - Pei Kang Ng, CEO at TRIA

  • Paul Cobban

    Paul Cobban

    Chief Data and Transformation Officer

    Harnessing Digital Disruption captures the essence of a successful Digital transformation. This book is the story of a complicated, yet successful, Digital Transformation journey. It is about investing in people to develop the right mindset and skills required. It is about making the leap from leading innovation projects to leading balanced innovation portfolios.

Meet our subject matter experts

Laurent Simon

Laurent Simon

Co-founder, Asia-Pacific

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

Yvette Lim

Yvette Lim

Partner, Asia-Pacific

Entrepreneurship. New digital ventures.

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis

Co-founder, North America

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

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