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Your People

Have the knowledge of your company, clients, competitors, industry and own important relationships.


Our People

Have extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Pragmatic Innovation and the right expertise.


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Together we build sustainable solutions to protect your core business and create new sources of growth.

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What our clients say

  • Harry Zechman

    Harry Zechman

    COO, Stoner Solutions

    Our Digital Strategy Compass and management system has helped us survive the pandemic and pivot smartly to e-commerce.

  • Harry Sideris

    Harry Sideris

    President, Duke Distribution

    Our nervous system is strategy deployment & our management system. We can now surface & solve problems, and share learning, much quicker.

  • Naresh Bangia

    Naresh Bangia

    CEO, AJB Software Design

    Our Lean Digital transformation resulted in breakthrough results. Within two years, our growth rate doubled, as did our capacity (with a 4 - 6x increase visible in 5 years).  Employee Job satisfaction increased by 20%. Our company enjoyed a much better work environment, focused on the whole business and not on individual success.

  • Brad Parsons

    Brad Parsons

    CEO, Baptist Memphis Hospital

    Our Strategy Lighthouse and management system are our company’s nervous system. Executive coaching helps sustain our improvements.

  • Yvon Charest

    Yvon Charest

    CEO, IA Financial (retired)

    Strategy deployment and executive coaching provide a stable foundation and fertile environment for innovation.