Human Centric Design Masterclass

Deploy, Monitor & Adjust Your Strategy in Real Time

“Anybody can develop a plan. It’s the execution that gets you screwed up.” - Col Harry Summers

Why should you attend?

Get everybody on the same page.

Daily discipline & visual management to align your entire team. Deploy, monitor and adjust your strategy in real-time.

Break down organizational silos.

Value flows horizontally, but organizations are structured vertically. Result? Misalignment, miscommunication, hassle, and waste.

Make blockers visible, enable quick remedies.

No plan goes according to plan. Make the invisible, visible. Talk about what matters daily.

What will you learn?


Lighthouse Fundamentals — 1h

Mindset & Skillset Fundamentals — 1h

Designing Your Lighthouse - Case Study — 3h

Case Study Debrief — 1h

Getting Ready for Your Business Environment — 1h

Frequently asked questions

Does the Transformation Lighthouse work for senior leaders only?

Will I learn how to develop ‘operating rhythms’ for senior leaders?

Ours is a digital company. Does the Lighthouse concept apply?

Will I learn to develop the information flows needed to sustain the Transformation Lighthouse?

Do you offer in-house sessions tailored to our industry and organization?

Will the Transformation Lighthouse workshop help us build our management system?

Will you sell my personal information?

They trust us

What do previous attendees say?

  • Brad Parsons

    Brad Parsons

    CEO, Baptist Memphis Hospital

    Our Strategy Lighthouse and management system are our company’s nervous system. Executive coaching helps sustain our improvements.

  • Harry Sideris

    Harry Sideris

    President, Duke Distribution

    The Digital Strategy Compass provides us with clear bearings. The Lighthouse helps us avoid reefs: we can now surface & solve problems, share learning and act together, much quicker. Executive coaching helps sustain our improvements.

  • Harry Zechman

    Harry Zechman

    COO, Stoner Solutions

    Our Digital Strategy Compass, Transformation Lighthouse and management system has helped us survive the pandemic and pivot smartly to e-commerce.

  • Yvon Charest

    Yvon Charest

    CEO, IA Financial Group

    Strategy deployment and executive coaching provide a stable foundation and fertile environment for innovation.

  • Naresh Bangia

    Naresh Bangia

    CEO, AJB Software Design

    Strategy deployment and executive coaching provide a stable foundation and fertile environment for innovation. Our Lean Digital transformation resulted in breakthrough results. Within two years, our growth rate doubled and employee Job satisfaction increased by 20%. Strengthening our Payment gateway and switching solutions have enabled us to secure a successful acquisition by Verifone holdings.

Meet our subject matter experts

Laurent Simon

Laurent Simon

Co-founder, Asia-Pacific

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis

Co-founder, North America

Strategy Execution. Pragmatic Innovation.

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