Growth OS foundations: Growth Science and Culture 101

Do you know how to grow sustainably your business?

What is growth? what is growth hacking? how do you measure growth? how do you make it sustainable? how do you make money out of your product?

Why should you attend?

Learn the science of growth

Growth is pursued by lots of startups and companies around the world, by some successfully, by others not so much. Why? Have you got product market fit? are you growing sustainably? are you using great metrics? are you experimental enough?

Build your own Growth Operating System

Do you know the difference between growth hacking, growth marketing and a growth system? This course will teach you how they differ and why growth hacking alone is not enough.

Learn how to create a growth mindset

No matter how good you are at growth hacking: if you do not set up the right culture form the start, your growth won't be sustainable. This course teaches you how to plan for a solid growth organisation since the start

What will you learn?

Intro to growth — 2 Hours

The science of growth — 6

Experimentation 101 — 3

How to build the best Growth Culture - foundations — 7

Meet our subject matter experts

Yara Paoli

Yara Paoli

Partner, Europe

Growth Hacking.

Leslie Barker

Leslie Barker

Partner, North America

Strategy Execution. Customer Journey reform.

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